Carrying your favorite knife in your pocket could mean trouble

Mar 31, 2020 On behalf of Messina & Kiefer, Attorneys at Law

Many weapons crimes involve firearms, but guns are not the only kind of tool potentially subject to legal scrutiny. Knives can also represent a danger to the public and can play a role in many kinds of crimes, which is one reason why states often decide to limit the ownership or carrying of certain kinds of knives.

The kind of knife that it is legal to carry varies from state to state, but Louisiana is certainly among the more liberal states regarding what its knife laws allow. While some places have bans that prevent people from selling or even owning certain kinds of knives, Louisiana doesn’t restrict knife ownership in that way. You can own anything from a so-called butterfly knife or a dirk to a switchblade in Louisiana. However, people do still wind up charged with crimes due to a knife they own or carry.

Are any kinds of knives banned for ownership purposes in Louisiana?

There was a time when switchblades were not legal in the state, but that changed due to reform efforts in recent years. Switchblades and other automatic knives are now legal for people to sell, purchase and own across the state of Louisiana. There are currently no legal limitations on the style or number of knives you can own in Louisiana.

Putting an automatic knife in your pocket is concealed carrying

People in Louisiana can carry the most kind of knives on their person without any risk of legal consequence. In other states, people in blue-collar professions, like drywall contractors, could wind up charged for carrying knives that are part of their job if they get stopped while out in public.

Thankfully, that won’t happen to workers in Louisiana. There isn’t a legal restriction on the number or size of knives that you can legally carry on your person. However although the state has legalized the ownership of knives that open automatically and switchblades, it is still not legal for people to carry those blades on their person in a concealed manner.

Just putting a switchblade in your pocket before you go to the store could lead to legal complications if you have an interaction with law enforcement officers. Generally speaking, utility knives and jackknives are safe and legal to carry in your pocket, but any kind of automatic opening knife or switchblade is not.

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