New policy will speed up arraignment process in Baton Rouge

Oct 8, 2019 On behalf of Messina & Kiefer, Attorneys at Law

If police arrest you for a crime, you don’t want to sit in jail waiting for your arraignment. While some people may be able to make bond after the arrest, you may not have the means to afford bond. This can lead to you sitting in a Baton Rouge jail for weeks or months waiting to hear the charges against you.This wait has led judges in East Baton Rouge Parish to create a new policy that speeds up the arraignment process. Going forward, p...

Accepting a plea deal may not be the best bargain

Oct 7, 2019 On behalf of Messina & Kiefer, Attorneys at Law

Going to court and facing a judge and jury can be intimidating. But when a way out shows itself in the form of a plea deal, it could be in your best interest to pass and continue through the system.A plea deal could save you stress in the short term, but that doesn’t mean it’s for the best. Make sure you consider the offer on the table carefully before accepting because prosecutorial discretion likely means the state has all the s...

Welcome To Our Blog

Sep 3, 2019 On behalf of Messina & Kiefer, Attorneys at Law

We established this blog to share stories and information about topics relevant to our practice. Our intent is to regularly provide posts highlighting legal issues of local, state and national interest that we think you will find interesting. Check back later for updates. 

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