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Murder, Homicide, Manslaughter Baton Rouge Attorney - Crime of Passion, Louisiana

Aggressive Defense Against Murder Charges in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Details of murder cases are plastered all over the newspapers, the Internet and broadcast television. It takes very little media coverage before the potential jury pool has been tainted and with preconceived notions about guilt.

It takes a lawyer with experience, judgment and skill to handle such high profile cases effectively. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, J. Rodney Messina is that lawyer.

If you have been charged with murder, manslaughter or negligent homicide, J. Rodney Messina will serve as your diligent and dedicated advocate from the time you hire our firm through the resolution of your case.

Contact our firm now by e-mail or call us toll free at 225-343-9422 for an initial case evaluation.

From Negligent Homicide to Capital Murder, Every Murder Case Demands Experience

Penalties in homicide cases can rage from a minimum sentence of two years in negligent homicide cases all the way up to decades or life in prison. Additionally, first degree murder convictions can result in the death penalty.

Louisiana criminal defense attorney J. Rodney Messina recognizes what clients are up against. We use extensive resources to obtain not guilty verdicts, reduced charges, or dropped cases. We work diligently to weaken the prosecution's case in order to get the case dropped or death penalty removed from sentencing options.

We handle all levels of homicide defense:

  • First degree murder (premeditated murder)
  • Second degree murder (crime of passion)
  • Vehicular homicide (negligent homicide or vehicular manslaughter)

Murder cases require extensive investigation and case preparation in order to prepare the most effective and solid defense strategy. We challenge the reliability of eyewitness testimony and work to prove that there are holes in the prosecution's case.

The prosecution has the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime. J. Rodney Messina uses effective strategies before a jury in order to cast doubt that would demand a not-guilty verdict.

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For more information about our criminal defense practice or to schedule a initial consultation with an experienced defense lawyer, contact J. Rodney Messina, APLC by e-mail, call us at 225-343-9422.

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