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Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Expungement Lawyer

Denham Springs-Gonzalez Attorney Sealing Criminal Records

Once you have been charged with, arrested for or convicted of a crime, this goes on your criminal record. Unfortunately, criminal records can be reviewed by anyone running a background check, such as a potential employer or landlord. Any mark on your criminal record can prevent you from moving forward with your life.

At the Louisiana law firm of J. Rodney Messina, APLC, we understand the impact that a criminal record can have on your life and your future. However, it may be possible to seek an expungement. This means that a particular crime or mark on your criminal record may be removed and your record cleared. After your record has been expunged, you are not legally required to disclose any criminal history to anyone.

Not all types of crimes are eligible to be expunged from your criminal record. To understand if your criminal record can be cleared, contact our firm online or call 225-343-9422.

Taking Action

Obtaining an expungement may not be a quick process. There are documents and petitions to complete and present to the court in order to have your case heard. The courts will often take time to make a decision. Regardless of how long it takes, our attorneys, J. Rodney Messina and Janna Messina Kiefer, will stand by clients throughout the entirety of the matter until a resolution is reached.

Changing Laws

The laws that govern expungements and record sealing may change frequently depending on a variety of factors. However, our firm is committed to staying on top of any changing laws that may affect our clients' expungement petitions, either negatively or positively.

Contact a Baton Rouge Expungement Attorney Today

To explore the possibility of having your criminal record sealed, contact a Baton Rouge expungement lawyer at our office online or call us at 225-343-9422 for an initial case evaluation.

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