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Computer & Internet Crimes

Baton Rouge Internet and Computer Crime Defense Lawyer

Crimes involving computer and internet use are increasing in frequency. High-profile cases are featured on major news programs. Often times, there is a presumption of guilt, which may necessitate the services of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. We provide that level of experience at the law office of J. Rodney Messina, APLC in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

From the time you hire us to the resolution of your case, J. Rodney Messina will serve as your diligent and dedicated advocate if you have been charged with a crime or injured in an accident. Contact our firm now at 225-343-9422.

Computer Crimes Involving Solicitation of Children

One of the newest crimes gaining prominence involves online sexual solicitation. Some chat rooms contain predators looking to exploit children. They are also filled with law enforcement agents posing as predators to entrap unwitting individuals. Cases that involve solicitation of a minor carry a presumption of guilt by the prosecution and the public, mandating that you retain the type of aggressive representation we provide at the law office of J. Rodney Messina, APLC.

Establishing Your Computer Crimes Defense

Aggressive representation and protection of your rights is vital in handling your computer crimes case. Access to the computer alone could be damaging to your case. However, others having access to your computer could raise the possibility of doubt as to your guilt. In all complex criminal defense cases, we will team with experts. Forensic computer specialists could mean the difference between acquittal and a lengthy jail sentence. In addition, registering as a sex offender is a lifetime sentence that will follow you and your family wherever you live.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding an internet sex crime sting that results in an arrest for criminal solicitation, please contact us.

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